We offer medication care services to the elderly and residents under our care to take their medication on time or in the correct dosage so as not to forget. This is the great step we take to keep them well and healthy. We offer medication reminder service to them to simplify this process so that they do not get confused. Our in-home care team provides medication management to ensure that your parent is getting their medication on schedule and safely.

It is a well-known fact that as we age, administering multiple medications throughout the day can be a challenge for most people, especially for the elderly. Our care team will assist in your medication management and will track medication times and remind each resident to take their medications on time.

In addition, our medication tasks management for the elderly and residents include taking complete inventory of medications, maintain and track medication times, report any side effects to family members and medical team, follow up reminders to take medications on time and in the proper dosage.

Consider the dangers!

We must avoid it happening. In the UK, the elderly among which include 50+, use more prescription and over-the-counter medicines than any other age group. They are at highest risk for being hospitalised for overdose. Together we can avoid it.

Besides, they are often injured by common medication errors due to the fact that they are confused with different medicine packaging, poor communication, overdosing, and dangerous interactions with other medications or foods.


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